Seattle Has A Little San Francisco Problem

Seattle has "stray-dog complex" when it comes to S.F.

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    Heather Roberts via YouTube
    This doesn't help Seattle's feelings.

    San Francisco and Seattle didn't get off to a great start -- S.F. shipped its dirt north to fill in Seattle's harbor, then took Washington's lumber south to build its gilded mansions.

    "In a way, we began as San Francisco's dump," wrote Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat.

    And it hasn't gotten much better since.

    Seattle's got "stray-dog complex," according to the newspaper, a way of running second-best that's lasted from Gold Rush days to the World's Fairs in the 20th century to today's sports rivalry.

    Though the 49ers and Seahawks have been closely-matched, there's only a few numbers that matter to some people: like five. And two -- and zero.

    (That'd be five 49ers titles, two for the Giants, and none for Mariners, Seahawks or Superso -- oops).

    So will a win Sunday be enough to stop all of Northern California Kaepernicking through the Pacific Northwest rain and fog? At least for a day.