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Self-Checkout Debit Card Theft Scam Expands

Some shoppers are losing money at the grocery store.



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    Be you Magic or merely mortal, beware where you use your debit card: you could be victim to a scam.

    As well as groceries bought without human interaction, using the self-checkout line at Lucky  supermarkets could give shoppers participation in a widening scheme to steal their bank account information.

    Over 20 area Lucky Supermarkets have been hit by scammers who steal shoppers' debit card information from self-checkout lanes, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. The scammers are able to glean the sensitive info and withdraw up to $1,000 from the victims' accounts, according to the newspaper.

    A device called a "skimmer" is installed on the self-checkout lanes to steal information, according to the newspaper. Up to 23 Lucky's have been hit with skimmers since Nov. 23, according to the newspaper.

    The scam has hit employees as well as shoppers, according to the newspaper. The scam exploits a "known security breach" in the self-checkout lines at Lucky Supermarket, but may involve other stores.

    The cash was withdraw from ATMs in Southern Californi and on the San Francisco peninsula while the Lucky involved is in Santa Rosa, according to the newspaper.

    The affected debit-card swiping machines have since been replaced.