Sex Offenders' Decorated Halloween Homes Leads to Arrests | NBC Bay Area

Sex Offenders' Decorated Halloween Homes Leads to Arrests

When Halloween decorations violate probation.



    Was it the skulls, the pumpkins, or the registry in the sex offender database?

    A group of registered sex offenders in Los Angeles County are in hot water after they decorated their homes for the Halloween holiday, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Five have been arrested for violating the terms of their probations.

    Sex offenders on probation are instructed to turn off porch lights and take other measures to make it seem like no one is home on Halloween, according to the newspaper -- certainly not make their homes appear welcoming for trick-or-treaters.

    Some of the details are, well, a bit ghastly: one of the offenders allegedly had set up in his bedroom a trapdoor, leading to a chamber in his basement with a chair and a rope. A married couple convictd of molesting their own children had drugs and child porn behind doors in their home, according to the newspaper.