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SF Chinese Group Sues To Bring Back Shark Fins



    (Published Thursday, July 19, 2012)

    Doggedly pursuing a dangerous delicacy, a San Francisco group wants to bring shark fin back to the dining table.

    The city's Chinatown Neighborhood Association filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the state of California, according to Bloomberg. They want a ban lifted on the possession and selling of shark fins.   

    The group says the law is discriminatory against Chinese people who use fins for cultural practices.   Many Chinese couples around the world serve shark fin soup during their wedding reception, but the practice may be on the decline. Just recently, the Chinese government has banned serving the soup at official state banquets.

    State legislators passed the law last year. Starting in July 2013, businesses will be prohibited from selling newly acquired shark fins.  

    Backers for the measure say millions of sharks will be saved from hunters who are only interested in removing their fins -- but some Chinese groups say that practice happened more than a decade ago overseas and not in the United States.   

    They also point out the law only bans shark fins and not the meat which consumers purchase as steaks.