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Shop-Lifting Mom Found, Baby Safe: Cops

A South Bay woman accused of leaving her daughter after the two were caught shoplifting, is now accused of another crime.



    (Published Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012)

    The woman Morgan Hill police said left her 10-year-old daughter at a Safeway after attempting to shoplift groceries is now accused of taking another child.

    Morgan Hill police issued an alert late Friday, saying Marcy Keelin took Ashton Keelin, who is her 11-month old son.

    The two were found just a few hours later inside a hotel east of Reno, Nevada. Police got a tip that Keelin may be headed there and had alerted authorities who found the car in Fernley, Nev. The child was fine, according to police. 

    Keelin is the baby's mother, but police believed she was a threat to both herself and her child because she has made suicidal statements.

    Shopliftng Mom Wanted For New Crime

    [BAY] Shopliftng Mom Wanted For New Crime
    Police are worried about woman's one year old daughter.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 28, 2012)

    She faces charges of child endangerment and will be extradited back to the Bay Area next week, according to police. Her son was placed in protective custody. 

    Earlier this week, police said Keelin and her other daughter filled up a cart at a Safeway store, She then instructed her daughter to wait for her to pull up to the door with the car. When her daughter saw the car, she was supposed to push the cart full of unpaid items outside.

    The heist didn't quite go off as planned, as Safeway employees stopped the girl from leaving with the cart.

    When Keelin saw she had been caught she drove away, leaving her young daughter behind.

    Officers say this is not the first time Keelin has shoplifted. Safeway security said she and her daughter eluded Safeway security two weeks prior. Security footage revealed the theft, and was turned over to MHPD.

    The daughter is staying with her grandmother. The grandmother told NBC Bay Area that Marcy Keelin suffers from bi-polar disorder. You can watch our report on the shoplifting incident in the video at the inside this article.