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Sierra LaMar Timeline

Here is a timeline in the Sierra LaMar case



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    Hundreds of people gather for a candlelight vigil for a missing Morgan Hill, Calif., teenager on March 23, 2012. Sierra LaMar, 15, hasn't been seen since March 16 when she left for school but never showed up.

    MARCH 16: Sierra LaMar's family reports her missing. She was supposed to go to a bus stop near her home, but never made it to Sobrato High School. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office considers it a missing persons case.

    MARCH 17: Search and rescue units find Sierra's cell phone a few blocks east of her  bus stop. The phone is checked for leads and sent to the county crime lab with her lap top.

    MARCH 18: Crews find Sierra's pink Juicy-brand bag with a folded T-shirt and pants. Investigators don't make the information public for four days. Boat teams begin to search large reservoirs and ponds.

    MARCH 20: Klaas Kids Foundation organizes the first volunteer searches. Sheriff now believes Sierra was abducted.

    MARCH 28: Sheriff said suspect Antolin Garcia-Torres became a suspect because his DNA was found on Sierra'as bag. Detectives set up surveillance on him. (These last two details weren't revealed until May 22.)

    MARCH 29: Volunteers find an empty box labeled "handcuffs" and two used condoms in the search area.

    APRIL 4: Cadaver dogs join the search.

    APRIL 7: Detectives seize Garcia-Torres' red Jetta with a black hood. (This detail wasn't revealed until May 22.)

    APRIL 11: Divers conduct deep, sonar searches of local reservoirs.

    APRIL 14: LaMar family offers $10,000 reward.

    MAY 7: Detectives say they need the public's help in gathering information on a red Jetta with a black hood spotted on surveillance tape near Sierra's home.

    MAY 8: Sheriff state the Jetta was found, though they won't say where or when.

    MAY 11: America's Most Wanted airs the Sierra LaMar story.

    MAY 21: Detectives arrest Garcia-Torres for the murder and kidnap of Sierra LaMar. Her body has still not been found.

    MAY 22: Sheriff holds news conference, announcing the arrest and revealing new details in the case.