So There Oughta Be A Law for That? Cool, Tell the Senator

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    Ever hear those outdated laws that prompt you to shake your head and ask "What led to someone to make a law about that?!"

    Things like "It's illegal for a horse to eat pickles on Sunday in Kenesaw County."

    Well, now you can create a legacy law like that, thanks to state Sen. Joe Simitian.

    Simitian is hosting the 10th annual "There Oughta Be A Law" contest, where he invites any Californian to submit ideas for new legislation. (We're looking at you, Prop 19.)

    Granted, if you suggest a ban on equine pickle eating, you'll be roundly ignored -- and possibly booed.

    But if you have a real and logical request, Simitian's track record proves that you'll be listened to. And isn't that novel? A politician engaging a constituency without mentioning Grizzlies or Hope.

    The deadline for submissions is Nov. 24, and the form is on his website. Forms are also available to anyone who calls his office at 408-277-9460.