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Solyndra Signage Tells a Story

Truth in advertising? Solyndra has another House hearing on Friday.

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    Bob Fuss
    The once-proud Solyndra sign has a new look, post-bankruptcy.

    Someone armed with a cardboard box, tape, some spray paint -- and maybe an axe to grind -- made some "improvements" to the Solyndra sign outside the defunct factory.

    It now reads,: "We Suck Your $"

    The once-shining solar light for the Obama administration will be back in the spotlight Friday as the House Energy and Commerce Committee will grill treasury officials at its latest hearing.

    Also Thursday,  new court filings show that Solyndra's CEO Brian Harrison has stepped down.

    Harrison's last day was last Friday, according to the Chronicle, who got a peek at a bankruptcy court document.

    The paper said Solyndra wants to hire R. Todd Neilson, who served as bankruptcy trustee for boxer Mike Tyson and rap impresario Marion "Suge" Knight to replace Harrison. Neilson is considered an expert in forensic accounting.

    If the court approves the hire. Neilson will serve as chief restructuring officer in its Chapter 11 maneuvers.