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Sorry Kids, No Jumping For Joy On Your Birthday




    A bounce house ban in one East Bay city. Walnut Creek is considering a ban on children's inflatable jump houses in public parks. The city says it just can't afford to let the popular kiddie party inflatables into its city parks.

    Not only do the jump houses wreak havoc on the city lawns, but they require too much paperwork. Walnut Creek says the $40 fee it charges for a bounce house permit simply does not cover the cost of processing that permit.

    Parents say the ban is only punishing the kids.

    "Obviously it's going to be hard," said Erin Delanty, "because you know as a parent you are limited to activities for kids and birthday parties and you know if you are not allowed to do it it's just going to be too bad for the kids."

    Danville, Pleasanton, and Clayton already have bounce house bans in place.

    If you want to have your say on the issue, there's a city council meeting at 7 p.m. tonight at Walnut Creek City Hall.