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South Bay Man Faces Indecent Exposure Charges



    Gilroy Police
    Martin Kemmeries faces indecent exposure charges.

    A Gilroy man faces new criminal charges after his neighbors called police to report he was exposing himself in the front window of his home.

    Gilroy police were called to the home on a street named Driftwood Monday afternoon.  A woman reported a man was standing naked at an open window around 4 p.m.

    Police said during their investigation of that call they discovered the man identified as Martin Kemmeries had done this before several times over the past weeks and months. One person gave police a video showing Kemmeries exposing himself to the outside world.

    With that evidence in hand, police arrested Kemmeries and took him to the Santa Clara County jail.

    Kemmeries has a prior conviction which increased the charges he now faces.

    Gilroy police are asking other possible victims to call them.