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Stanford: Are Luck, Harbaugh Gone After Orange Bowl?



    Since the news out of Miami surrounding the Orange Bowl is largely that the weather is nice and football is fun, pundits over at the San Jose Merc have posed a couple of really good points about Stanford's future.

    Questions any Stanford fan has been asking themselves since, oh, around September.

    Will quarterback Oliver Luck Jr. split for the NFL? WIll Jim Harbaugh take his exuberant, brash, youthful leadership style to the NFL? And why does the NFL get everything it wants, when it wants it? 

    Ok, the last question is ours, but still...

    Scouts are tantalized by Luck's abilities and size. Owners are scandalized that they don't already have Harbaugh under contract.

    The point is, slog through today's games, then Sunday's and then enjoy the challenge Virginia Tech throws up against the Cardinal.

    And then -- only then -- should you start thinking about the NFL. One bowl game at a time, sports fans.