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Street Fighting Man Arrested After Death Threats

Death threats follow failed fighting plan.



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    The best-laid plans to start an underground street fighting ring oft go awry -- or in this case, lead to death threats and then an arrest.

    A Bayview woman in San Francisco was threatened with "a bullet in her head" for her husband's refusal to participate in an "underground street fighting operation," according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    SFPD officers arrived to the 1000 block of Innes Avenue at 1:10 a.m. Wednesday to reports of an armed man. There, they found a 41-year old woman who said that her husband had met a man earlier in the day who wanted to organize some kind of fight club.

    When her husband refused, the would-be street fighting man threatened her with death.

    "He threatened to shoot the wife when she demanded he leave the home" after he became enraged at the dismissal of his street fighting idea, the newspaper reported.

    He was arrested and charged with making criminal threats. No gun was found. No names were immediately available.