Study: Advanced Degrees Not Necessary For Good Silicon Valley Jobs

Some good technical jobs don't require university degrees.

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    NBC Bay Area
    Not every Silicon Valley tech job requires a college degree, a study found.

    Think an advanced degree is necessary to compete and to earn in the Silicon Valley workplace? Think differently.

    According to a new report, 27.5 percent of jobs in science, engineering, technology and math in the "San Jose area" are held by people without a "university degree," according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    That is among the findings of a study called "The Hidden STEM Economy," which adds that 36 percent of technical jobs -- such as the high school dropout, Patrick Pickerell, who has a $10 million a year company in Pleasanton that requires "math and fix-it skills" over fancy degrees -- in San Francisco and the East Bay are held by people without university degrees.

    Advocates are using the report to urge an increase in funding for training in careers like "toolmaking" and "technical writing," the newspaper reported.