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Technology Helps San Francisco "Recycle" All Textiles

Tech tells Goodwill when it's time to pick up a bin full of clothes.



    One bin for garbage, another for recycling. One for compost -- and in the smart bin, the clothes.

    Tech-equipped clothing bins are where San Franciscans can recycle "all textiles," according to Fast Company. The city hopes to remove 39 million pounds of clothes from landfill.

    A firm called Frog has designed drop-off bins, or Go Bins, for the recycling. Equipped with tech, the GoBins inform Goodwill when they're full and ready to be picked up.

    Another company called I:CO actually sorts through the bins when full and decides what goes where, the website reported.

    Some clothes will be resold, others made into other products, and still others broken down and turned into insulation, according to the Department of the Environment.