Trial In "Kill for Thrill" Murder of San Jose Teen Begins

Jae Williams and Randy Thompson accused of befriending boy to kill him.

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    NBC Bay Area
    Michael Russell, a sophomore at Santa Teresa High School, was killed while his mother was out running errands.

    The trial of two men, now 20, who stand accused of befriending a 15-year old boy in 2009 in order to kill him "for the sheer thrill of it" has begun.

    Michael Russell, 15, was violently stabbed to death in his South San Jose backyard in November 2009, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Police say Jae Williams and Randy Thompson are the killers.

    Williams' trial began Wednesday with the playing of a 911 tape, in which Russell's uncle wails and cries as he tries to administer first aid to his nephew, according to reports in the New York Daily News.

    Russell was stabbed 12 times in the attack he initially mistook for a prank pulled by his supposed friends, according to prosecutors. He was stabbed so violently he didn't bleed much.

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    Russell and was killed by one of his attackers slitting his throat with a kitchen knife, according to the report.

    Williams "had already beaten a cat to death" and was "eager" to find a human victim, prosecutors said.

    "I guess I just finally wanted to kill somebody," Williams told police following the attack. "I had my chance and I took it."