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Two Arrested After Medical Marijuana Home Invasion

Don't Bring Guns to a Pot Show



    Two Alameda teenagers are in police custody after they robbed a San Francisco medical marijuana provider at his home, according to police.

    The teens, Kevin Carey Harvell II, 18, and Aivan Eugene Acala, 19, went to the 400 block of Ninth Avenue to meet with a 24-year old man who distributes medical marijuana out of his home, according to reports. The man advertised his services via the Internet. What wasn't publicized was that Harvell and Acala planned a robbery.

    Once inside and shown the marijuana, Harvell pulled a "silver handgun" on the marijuana seller and his roommate, and he and Acala "grabbed three large bags of the drug and ran," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The victims immediately called 911 and SFPD responded swiftly. A motorcyle cop saw the pair running down Ninth Avenue on their way to a 1991 Toyota Celica. The officer blocked the car and arrested them.
    The marijuana and gun were recovered, and the two thieves face a list of felony charges.