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UC Davis Gets Bullet, Duct Tape Study Grants

Money will be used toward forensic science



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    The University at California, Davis was awarded three grants at more than $2.2 million that will be used toward forensic science.

    "In the largest grant, the researchers will develop a database of 10,000 bullets from Northern California crime labs," according to a news release.

    In addition, another grant will be used to help identify if torn pieces of duct tape can be matched "reliably."

    "Duct tape is often used to bind kidnap or murder victims, and remnants of tape can be recovered from crime scenes. At present, duct tape comparison is purely subjective," the release said.

    David Howett, a professor of chemical engineering and materials science at the university, said the broad aim of the grants is to help develop methods to associate probabilities with forensic evidence.

    This article originally appeared on KCRA.com.