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U.S. Park Police Face Mandatory Furlough Days



    (Published Friday, April 19, 2013)

    The police force in charge of patrolling some of the Bay Area's most popular recreation areas is facing sequester budget cuts.

    Starting Sunday, the U.S. Park Police will face mandatory furlough days. The department says the already lean force will become even thinner through September.

    U.S. Park Police Fraternal Order of Police Chairman Ian Glick said the cuts come at the busiest time of year in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. 

    "We have foot races scheduled every weekend from now until Labor Day," Glick said. "Some are bigger than others, but we will have to cut number of officers assigned to these fewer officers on duty."

    Officers will have a furlough day every two weeks.

    Regular kite boarders at Crissy Field say while the area is safe police are needed. U.S. Park Police say emergency calls will take priority and other callers may have to wait longer for a response.

    Lee Jakob, a surfer, said this "could be a bummer," especially in case of emergencies.