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Unlucky Man Run Over While Reporting Crime



    Scene of the crash on LIE early Thursday morning (Provided by Suffolk County Sheriff's Office)

    A Vallejo man had a serious case of the Mondays when he dodged some gunplay, only to be hit by a pickup truck while attempting to report the crime.

    At around 7pm on Monday evening, police received multiple reports that someone in a blue car was brandishing a gun. The victim flagged down a police car, but as he was walking towards it, a pickup truck driver crashed into him, according to the CC Times.

    Because the victim was jaywalking, the pickup truck driver was not charged. Make a note: next time you see someone jaywalking, go ahead and aim for car right for 'em without fear of reprisal.

    As the victim was airlifted to a hospital with multiple unspecified injuries, police caught up with the blue car and searched it, but were unable to find a weapon.

    Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, a car ran over a 60-year-old pedestrian on Market Street, leaving her with life-threatening head injuries according to the Appeal. The driver, described as having a "scruffy beard," continued on his way. Police hope one day to learn his identity.

    And in Santa Rosa, a mother believed to be drunk crashed a car full of her kids, according to the Press Democrat. There were no fatalities, despite a 4-year-old and 6-year-old being thrown from the car.