Westboro Baptist Church Plans San Francisco, Silicon Valley Protests

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    This show is coming to San Francisco.

    The Westboro Baptist Church is bringing its circus to San Francisco.

    The well-known Kansas-based evangelical faith group, which has been called a hate group for its anti-LGBT protesting of funerals and other touchy events, is planning to protest in San Francisco and Silicon Valley on August 12, according to reports.

    The reason behind it? Silicon Valley bigwigs like Mark Zuckerberg "cram sodomite propaganda down everyone's throats," according to the church. 

    SFist reports that the church's adherents will roam the campuses of "Facebook, Google, and Apple" as well as the San Francisco locations of social media networks like Twitter and Reddit.

    The August 12 protest schedule has the God-fearing Kansans going from Menlo Park to Mountain View instantaneously, so maybe, as SFist points out, it's a bit too ambitious.

    Either way, prepare for signs.