Whale Carcass Spotted Inside Bay

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    An usual and disturbing sighting in the San Francisco Bay is about to turn into an unusual and disturbing smell for people who live near the Richmond San-Rafael Bridge.

    A large dead whale was first spotted just off the Broadway Pier floating toward the Ferry Building Tuesday afternoon.

    Raw Video: Dead Whale Floats in San Francisco Bay

    [BAY] Raw Video: Dead Whale Floats in San Francisco Bay
    A big whale carcass is floating awfully close the Ferry Terminal. (Published Tuesday, April 20, 2010)

    You could easily spot it by the swarm of seagulls that used the carcass for an afternoon snack.

    Helicopter shots of the whale showed it was initially in the path of the ferries getting in and out of their Ferry Terminal.  It quickly floated with the tide under the Bay Bridge.

    The Coast Guard sent a boat to tow the whale to shore where it will stay overnight just north of the Richmond Bridge.

     They will decide Wednesday morning what to do next.