Wheelchair-Using Advocate For Safe Streets Fatally Struck By Car

A 31-year old advocate for safe streets died at a dangerous intersection.

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    NBC Bay Area
    Kenneth "Bryan" Goodwin's wheelchair at site of fatal accident at Market and Octavia streets. Nov. 4, 2013

    A 31-year old advocate for safe streets died early Monday after he was struck by a car while crossing one of San Francisco's most dangerous intersections, according to reports.

    Kenneth "Bryan" Goodwin, 31, used a wheelchair to get around -- he had a congential bone disorder that also stunted his growth; he was three feet tall -- and get around ably: friends at his job, at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, fondly remembered his personality and spirit.

    Police are still piecing together how he died -- they know he was hit by a car at Market Street and Octavia Boulevard early Monday as he was crossing following a visit to a friend.

    He became an advocate for safe streets despite -- or perhaps because of -- setbacks, such as the time in 2011 when his wheelchair struck a rut in the sidewalk as he was hurrying to catch a bus. He needed to go to the hospital -- and while he was being attended to, his wheelchair was stolen.

    Police hae interviewed the driver of the car that killed him, the newspaper reported, but have taken no action to date.