Woman Fatally Shot in Oakland at "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time" | NBC Bay Area

Woman Fatally Shot in Oakland at "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time"



    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013)

    An East Bay family wants to set the record straight about the death of 21-year-old Corrin Ray Bailey, shot to death early Saturday morning near Oakland City Hall.

    Her aunt, Marcie Bias, is speaking up for her niece.

    "I want everybody to know she wasn't out there arguing with anybody, she didn't start a fight, she was going home," Bias said.

    Family members said Bailey was not in a gang and was not doing anything wrong before she was shot. Other people nearby were arguing, which prompted someone to open fire. The shooting wounded two people and killed Bailey.

    "She was just In the wrong place at the wrong time and what hurts the most is she was walking a family friend to a bus stop," said her brother, Jaron Isom.

    Bailey's family spoke to NBC Bay Area at the St. John Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church in Emeryville where the young woman's funeral will be held next week. Bias said she wants the world know the good things her niece was doing with her life.

    "She was a person, she had a family that loved her, friends that loved her, she was going to school at Laney College. She just got a job -- her first day at work was her last day at work," Bias said.

    "I had just talked to her and told her, all of this stuff we go through, we don't have nothing but each other," Isom said.

    Bailey's family believes in the message of Jesus Christ, and that faith is guiding them in this dark hour, according to Bias.

    "She's in a better place. I'm not worried about her. If she was given the opportunity to come back even for an hour to this place, she wouldn't come back. She's doing better than we are," Bias said.

    Oakland police said the other two shooting victims are in stable condition.

    No one has been arrested for the crime.