Wounded Student Describes Chaos in Oikos University Shooting

Student was shot through the shoulder before locking himself in an empty classroom as the gunman moved through the hallway.

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    This is an edited audio clip from the first 30 minutes after the 911 call came in to report a shooting an Oikos University in Oakland. (Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012)

    A student wounded in Monday's shooting rampage at an Oakland college described chaos in the classroom after a gunman burst in shouting and quickly began firing his weapon.

    Ahmad Sayeed, who transferred to Oikos University in March, was shot through the shoulder as he scrambled to get out with other panicked students.

    Investigators Search for Gun in Oikos Shooting

    [BAY] Investigators Search for Gun in Oikos Shooting
    The search for the gun used in a mass shooting in Oakland Monday takes investigators under water. (Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012)

    The 36-year-old immigrant from Afghanistan says he did not understand what suspect One Goh was yelling, though he did hear him order students to line up in front of the classroom.

    As some began to comply, gunfire erupted and students began screaming and fleeing the classroom.

    Sayeed and three other students locked themselves in an empty classroom as the gunman moved to the hallway. He said he didn't realize until later that he had been wounded and was bleeding.

    Goh, 43, a Korean national who lived in Oakland, has admitted to police that he carried out a shooting at the Christian vocational school that left seven people dead and three people injured, according to a probable cause statement filed in court by Oakland police Officer Robert Trevino.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.