Yosemite Workers To Be Screened for Hantavirus

Work at Yosemite? You'll be tested for a deadly disease.

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    Work at Yosemite? You'll be tested for a deadly mouse-born virus, according to officials.

    An outbreak of hantavirus has claimed the lives of three people who stayed in the tent cabins at Curry Village in Yosemite National Park, according to the Associated Press. The virus is spread by mouse droppings.

    No Yosemite workers have yet reported infections, but the California Department of Public Health will nonetheless screen workers and instruct them on the disease, the news wire reported.

    Three Yosemite workers reported flu-like symptoms and were tested for hantavirus, according to reports. Initial tests showed they had the bug; a second test revealed they did not have the hantavirus, according to reports.

    Workers will continue to be screened and educated, officials said.