Boy Raids Piggy Bank To Bring 49er to New York

Young fan raids piggy bank to bring 49er Brandon Jacobs back to NYC

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    Courtesy: Twitter, @gatorboy45

    The New York Giants let go of running back Brandon Jacobs after the Super Bowl.

    But a young fan is having a tough time letting go of his favorite player.

    When his mother told him that the Giants did not have enough money to keep Jacobs on the team, the six-year-old fan raided his piggy bank and mailed Jacobs $3.36.

    He also sent Jacobs a note saying: 

    "Dear Brandon Jacobs,

    So you could go to the Giants, here is my money.

    Love, Joe."

    Jacobs now plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

    The running back was touched by the letter, he tweeted it out to fans.

    Jacobs says he will repay the youngster and he plans to take the six-year-old to Chuck E. Cheese sometime soon.