Zeus Does It Again: Mountain View K9 Finds Marijuana, Narcotics and Cash

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    Mountain View Police
    Mountain View K9 Zeus’ latest operation leads to a significant score.

    This Mountain View K9 has a knack for sniffing out all kinds of illegal drugs.

    Zeus, a narcotics dog assigned to the Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team, once again used his highly-trained Labrador nose to locate quite a bit of marijuana, narcotics and cash during a recent search warrant.

    The above photo shows him proudly sitting with the stash, sporting a "mission accomplished" look on his face.

    Zeus’s most recent stats since his score above include:

    • 1,095 pounds of marijuana
    • 5 pounds of methamphetamine
    • 206 Ecstasy pills
    • 7.6 pounds of cocaine
    • 1/2 pound of heroin
    • $352,591.00 in U.S. currency from narcotics sales (Zeus alerts to the narcotic odor left on the currency)

    According to Mountain View police, when Zeus isn't leading special agents to the location of hidden narcotics, he loves getting belly rubs.

    Another fun fact about Zeus? His tail never stops wagging, especially when he's done a great job.

    Find out more about Zeus and the Mountain View K9 team here.