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Man on Lunch Break Saves Woman, Child Trapped in Wreckage

Police say the accident could have easily been fatal



    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016)

    A suburban Chicago man saved a mother and her baby trapped in the wreckage of a car accident on his lunch break.

    George Wood, a technician for Mr. Rooter Plumbing, was driving to lunch when he came upon the scene of a rollover crash at National Parkway and Woodfield in Schaumburg.

    Nicole Srikanti and her 16-month-old son Dylan were trapped inside.

    "When I ran up to the car you could hear them screaming inside, I was just thinking 'Get them out,'" Wood told NBC 5.

    Wood grabbed a tire iron from his car and used it to smash Srikanti's window. A bystander gave him a knife to cut her seatbelt.

    “I told her ‘Are you hurt, anything hurt’-- she just said ‘Get me out of here, please get me out of here, please save my baby,’” Wood said.

    Wood smashed a rear window to reach Dylan who was belted tightly in his car seat.

    “I cut the belt off him, passed him out to the firefighter,” Wood said.

    Wood said he left the scene without speaking to Srikanti—he didn’t even know her name. NBC 5 recently got them on the phone with one another.

    “Hi, George, thank you so, so much, I’m forever grateful for you,” Srikanti told Wood over the phone.

    “No problem, no problem. I just didn’t want you guys to get hurt or anything like that,” Wood replied.

    Srikanti recalled the moment Wood showed up on the scene of the accident.

    “I heard a voice saying ‘I’m here ma’m,’ and it was like God standing there, I was so happy someone was there trying to help me and my son,” she said.

    Schaumburg police say the accident could have easily been fatal and credit the proper installation of Dylan’s car seat with saving his life.