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Marine's Facebook Page Killed By Friendly Fire



    A Camp Pendleton Marine said he removed his Facebook page after his comments fueled a free-speech debate about whether troops are allowed to criticize President Barack Obama's policies while serving in the military.

          Sgt. Gary Stein said he was asked by his superiors to review the Pentagon's directive on political activities after he criticized Obama's health care reform efforts and then was asked this week to talk about his views on MSNBC. Stein said his supervisor told him of his right to an attorney about the matter. He says he decided to close his Facebook page and review his military code obligations.
    Camp Pendleton spokeswoman Maj. Gabrielle Chapin says the Corps. is not considering filing charges.

    Stein told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he been told there was no wrongdoing on his part during a discussion the issue with legal advisors outside the military.