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CA Delegate: GOP Future Bright

The GOP on Tuesday showcased speeches by Latinos and women, whose votes the party needs to prevail over President Obama in November. But it also played to a more conservative base with a speech by former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

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    Johnny Morgan, a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Tampa from South Los Angeles, told NBC4's Conan Nolan that GOP values do resonate with African-American voters, despite polls showing lukewarm support.

    The Republican National Convention got underway in earnest Tuesday night with the nomination of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for president and vice president, and speeches aimed at reaching out to women and Latinos.

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    During the roll-call of state votes, former California Governor Pete Wilson, who chairs the state's delegation at the convention, cast all of the group's votes for Romney. Shortly after, the delegation from New Jersey put Romney over the top. His chosen running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, was nominated by acclamation. 

    In showcasing such speakers as Ricky Gill, a 25-year-old Republican Congressional candidate from Lodi, who spoke in the morning, and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, who addressed the group during prime time, the party tried to show that it was friendly to Latinos despite its harsh stance on illegal immigration.

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    Then, in a speech by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, the GOP reached out to its base. Santorum accused the Obama Administration of undermining the family. Santorum also talked about his young daughter Bella, who has special needs.

    Johnny Morgan, an African-American delegate from South Los Angeles, told NBC4’s Conan Nolan that Republican values do resonate with many people he knows.

    “When I talk to them about values and morals that a family has to have in order to sustain itself, we’re all on the same wavelength,” Morgan said. “They didn’t know that was Republican.”

    Armando Luis Alvarado, another California Republican delegate, told NBC4 that he thinks more and more Latinos will respond to the GOP’s message going forward.

    “The door is not closed and the future is still bright,” Alvarado said.