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California Sends Colbert to Congress to Do Its Dirty Work

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    Comedy Central host testifies at immigration and farm labor hearing. (Published Friday, Sept. 24, 2010)

    Congress was forced to deal with the political ramblings of comedian Stephen Colbert Friday and some members were not happy about it.

    Those angry pols can thank the Bay Area for their morning dose of sarcasm. Colbert was in full character as the famed self-absorbed Comedy Central news commentator shared his "vast" knowledge of life as a farm worker.

    The California-based United Farm Workers Union invited Colbert to spend a day as a farm worker and Friday San Jose-based Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren invited the comedian to testify before the House immigration subcommittee she chairs. She was a guest on his show earlier this week.

    The UFW brought Colbert on board to drum support -- in his own unique way -- for a proposal to legalize field workers. California's farm industry, which is usually on the other side of the political isle from the UFW, also supports the bill.

    Lofgren's support was important for Colbert Friday. After telling the committee he doesn't "even want to watch Green Acres again" after being scarred by his day on the farm, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers asked him to leave.

    The funnyman was quick to point out that he was a guest of Lofgren and continued to sit in on the meeting.

    One place the comedian is more than happy to never return is a farm. Colbert asked lawmakers to do something about illegal workers Friday because "I am not going back out there."