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Could Internet Poker Help Ease California's Budget Gap?



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    One politician wants to legalize online poker.

    One California politician wants the state to take another look at an old idea to help generate money.

    Sen. Louis Correa (D-Santa Ana) introduced a senate bill this week that if passed would pave the wave for legalizing online poker in the state.

    The measure calls for certain Native American tribes to run sanctioned poker websites, with a portion of the money going into the state's coffers.

    Correa told the Los Angeles Times said he wants money that people are already spending to run these businesses offshore to stay in California and help pay for state services that are being hit hard by budget cuts.

    The bill also beats an expected measure to eventually come banning Internet poker at a national level.

    Legalizing web poker has been tried in California before but ultimately it fell short partly due to pressure from tribes threatening to withold money from slot machines if the measure was approved.