Judge Says Universities Can Raise Their Fees Without Notice

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    A student takes a break on one of the many lawns at SFSU. Photo: Slowpoke_SF on Flickr

    A San Francisco court has rejected a claim by a California State University student who sued her campus over a last-minute fee increase.

          Angela Yuen Uyeda sued San Francisco State University in small claims court last month.
    The 21-year-old communications major was seeking to recoup an additional $336 she was forced to pay after CSU trustees approved a 20 percent fee hike that went into effect in July 2009.
    Uyeda claimed the university unfairly forced her to pay twice for the fall 2009 semester.
    Campus officials argued the university notifies students that fees can change at any time.
    In a written judgement issued Monday, Commissioner Paul Slavit said the university does not owe Uyeda any money but did not explain his decision.