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Local Gold Gym's Cut Corporate Ties Over Political Donation



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    Just how liberal is San Francisco? Give money to a Republican cause and find out for yourself.

    Four Gold's Gym franchises in the Bay Area are ending a 22 year relationship with the name because the owner of the parent company donated $2 million to American Crossroads.

    The conservative group is funding the campaigns of politicians fighting gay rights across the country.

    Bob Rowling, the CEO of the gym's parent company TRT Holdings, donated $2 million of his own money to the group.

    A spokesperson for Gold's Gym was quick to distance the company from Rowling's donation, telling Salon.com that the company does not contribute to political campaigns.

    But that is not enough to calm the nerves of Don Dickerson, the director of operations for Gold's Gym in the Bay Area.

    He told the online magazine that while cutting ties with its parent company will take some time, it is a move the local gyms have to make, partly because a large portion of its membership is from the LGBT community.

    Each Gold's Gym is independently owned and operated.