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Newsom Schedules His Date With President Clinton

Mayor will speak with former president in Los Angeles before hosting a fundraiser together



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    Clinton's endorsement of Newsom for mayor of San Francisco was widely credited for helping the current mayor eke out a win over a Green Party challenger.

    Rumors of the demise of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's gubernatorial bid were premature.

    The new father announced Monday that his heaviest political supporter will be on full display starting Oct. 5. Former President Bill Clinton will speak alongside Newsom at Los Angeles City College about green technology and its role on future jobs.

    Bill Clinton remains one of the most revered public figures among California Democrats,” the mayor said in a statement.

    The event will be followed by the meat behind President Clinton's endorsement of Newsom for California governor. The former president will host a fundraiser to benefit Newsom's campaign, according to Commissionerfice. And the mayor can use the money. His campaign is trailing behind governor hopefuls Meg Whitman and Insurance Commissioneroner Steve Poizner by a significant amount in the numbers game.