Obama: "One Problem, My Remarks Aren't Sitting Here!"

Things did not go off exactly as planned during the president's prepared healthcare remarks at the San Jose Fairmont

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    As he waited to speak about Obamacare at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose on June 7, 2012, President Obama looked for his remarks. He said: "There's only one problem, my remarks aren't sitting here...People!" His remarks came shortly afterward.

    President Barack Obama came to California this week, ready to talk about Big Things: Healthcare, China and national security.

    But sometimes, it's the little things that grab all the headlines.

    As the president spoke at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose to tout the benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act, he stalled for a few moments. His notes weren't at the podium.

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    "There's only one problem, my remarks aren't sitting up here....People!" Obama said with a chiding tone. "Things on Friday afternoon. Well, things get a little challenged."

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    The president made a little small talk and shouted "People!" one more time. Finally, the papers were handed to him, only after someone stumbled a bit to get the prepared remarks up to the stage.

    "Oh goodness...someone's tripping'," Obama said with a big grin on his face. "Folks are sweating back there right now."

    The president then quickly turned serious and got to the business at hand - promoting Obamacare.