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Conspiracy Theorist Say Mr. Davis Is Not Insane After All



    Al Davis may not be crazy after all.

    Nnamdi Asomugha is free to negotiate with any team once the league works out a collective bargaining agreement but even the Raiders lose their Pro Bowl cornerback the team will get more than just cap relief.

    The former Cal Berkeley star's contract was automatically voided by a clause in his deal that required him to reach certain performance triggers.

    The Raiders would have been on the hook for $17 million next season if Asomugha's contract had not been voided.

    The dollar savings and the fact that the team will be awarded a 2012 draft pick if they lose their shutdown corner has led to some rumors that the team planned to void Asomugha's contract all along.

    Teams across the league were upset with the Raiders when they signed him to a three year $45.3 million deal following the 2008 season. Some critics chalked the deal up as another signed that Al Davis had lost his marbles.

    But some like Pro Football Talk’s Mike Floriobelieves Mr. Davis and the Raiders knew what they were doing all along. Had Asomugha reached his performance triggers the team would have been on the hook for a talented cornerback but at quarterback money.

    The team is now free to try and re-sign Asomugha once the league's free agency period opens or use the money elsewhere and soak up a compensatory pick in next year's draft.