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Money has "No Bearing" on Nellie Decision: New Owner



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    Money is not a factor in Don Nelson's fate.

    A breath of fresh air for Golden State Warriors fans. In a lengthy sit-down interview with the San Jose Mercury News, incoming new owner Joe Lacob said that the $6 million still owed to coach Don Nelson has "no bearing whatsoever" on whether Nelson will be retained.

    Make that two breaths of fresh air. This guy actually does lengthy sit-down interviews.

    In an extended chat with the Mercury News' Tim Kawakami, Lacob said that it doesn't matter to him if he has to eat that $6 million in order to hire a new coach. "That has no bearing whatsoever. I’m a business guy. That’s sunk cost," Lacob told the Mercury News. "You’re paying $450 million, you’re going to worry about that?"

    Lacob also stressed that he would not be able to fire Nelson at this time even if he wanted to, as his purchase of the team has not yet been fully approved by the NBA.

    "I actually can’t make a change," Lacob said. "If I wanted to make a change, I couldn’t make a change and I’m not saying I have made a decision to make a change."

    Oh, is this guy good at talking in circles.

    Lacob also took the credit for the very popular Jeremy Lin acquisition. "It was my call," Lacob boasted of the Lin decision. "He has a game that translates to the NBA. He can drive, he’s a slasher. He needs to shoot better, obviously. He needs to be a better outside shooter."

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    Sounds like this owner really understands his NBA basketball.

    Again, a breath of fresh air for Golden State Warriors fans.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who jumped around screaming, "Championship, baby!!!" yesterday when he saw that Jeremy Lin had twitpicked a photo his new Warriors home jersey.