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NFL Stadiums Ban Big Bags Under New Security Policy



    (Published Friday, Aug. 16, 2013)

    The NFL has changed its security policy ahead of the new season, banning purses at stadiums except for small clutches.

    Bags in general are discouraged, but for those who must bring their wares to game day, the NFL posted new criteria on what is permissible.

    Fans are allowed one bag into the stadium. Bags cannot exceed 12" x 6" x 12" and must be made of clear plastic, vinyl or PVC. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags, like those made by Ziploc brand, are also allowed. The NFL is also selling clear totes with the same dimensions.

    And ladies might be in for a surprise. Purses are banned except for small clutches approximately the size of a hand. This means no more diaper bags, backpacks, camera bags, coolers or any bags larger than the specified size. The clutch can be taken into the stadium with a one clear plastic bag.

    Credit: NFL

    The new rules were prompted by the Boston Marathon bombings, according to The Washington Post, where the two alleged bombers carried pressure cookers filled with nails in black backpacks. The NFL stadium security committee voted unanimously in May to limit the size and types of bags permitted in stadiums.

    “Our fans deserve to be in a safe and secure environment,” said Jeffrey Miller, NFL vice president and chief security officer, in a statement. “Public safety is our top priority. This will make the job of checking items much more efficient and effective. We will be able to deliver a better and quicker experience at the gates and also provide a safer environment. We appreciate our fans’ cooperation.”

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