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MNF: Raiders Dial Up Intrigue for New Season

Great moments of the past on the phone



    (Published Monday, Sept. 14, 2009)

    No professional sports franchise blends high-tech and low-tech better than the Oakland Raiders. Multilingual websites and overhead projectors now meet billboards where you can use the telephone to call a toll-free number and hear great radio calls of the past like Bill King’s take on the ‘Holy Roller’ game (877.482.5050) or Jim Plunkett's 99-yard touchdown pass (877.964.5050).

    Immediately after the radio call, a voice from the present, Raiders radio play-by-play announcer Greg Papa says ‘call 1-800-Raiders or press one for ticket information.’ So, it’s a bit of a Trojan Horse, but a clever use of past glory nonetheless as the team celebrates its 50th anniversary.

    Looming large outside the Coliseum this season is Raiders Hall of Famer and current assistant coach Willie Brown enjoying a moment with Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. “We took several shots, several pictures and they sort of got us with a candid shot,” says Asomugha.

    Check out the embedded video above for a look at the Raiders billboards scattered across the Bay Area, plus some of the ‘rejected’ ones you won’t see and a new Sports Sunday promo featuring Nnamdi Asomugha, Raj Mathai and Jerry Rice.

    Laurence Scott assures us that his weekly features on Sports Sunday Primetime will move well past the overt cronyism on display this week with Raj, Nnamdi and Jerry as the source material.