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Witnesses Corroborating Against Cable



    Witnesses Corroborating Against Cable
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    Oakland Raiders' coach Tom Cable is facing witnesses corroborating the claim that he assaulted an assistant.

    Longtime sports writer Nancy Gay no longer works for the San Francisco Chronicle. But her ability to pry out secret information about the Oakland Raiders organization is still beyond that of anybody else in the Bay Area.

    Not two months after she broke the news that the alleged assailant that broke a Raiders' assistant coach's jaw was none other than Tom Cable, Ms. Gay has managed the first "blow-by-blow" account of the punching incident. Her tell-all article on the Fanhouse discloses that other Raiders' assistants are corroborating Randy Hanson's account of the alleged assault.

    "A two-month investigation into the incident by the Napa Police Department turned up substantial evidence of assault and bodily injury sustained by Hanson," Ms. Gay writes, "plus corroborating witness statements from other coaches present during the altercation."

    Her account of the fracas is so incredibly detailed that she can even tell you who was allegedly sitting where at the table. In an Aug. 5 meeting of defensive coaches and assistants at the Napa Valley Marriott, Ms. Gay writes, Coach Cable reportedly informed Hanson that he was being demoted to doing exclusively film room work. "(Raiders defensive coordinator) John Marshall says he has talked to you about this," Cable allegedly told Hanson. 

    Hanson allegedly turned to Marshall and insisted he had been told no such thing.

    And then Hanson allegedly got his clock cleaned by the head coach.

    The account says Hanson was body slammed into a wall, thrown into a table, and had his jaws and teeth smashed as Cable rammed his face into the wall while threatening, "I'm going to kill you!"

    So maybe it's technically true that Tom Cable never punched Randy Hanson.

    He only body-slammed him, threw him into a table, smashed a couple teeth and repeatedly threatened to kill him.

    Cable has reportedly retained a criminal attorney while the Napa District Attorney reviews the case.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is trying to finagle expense reports so he can write about this story from the Napa Valley Marriott brunch buffet.