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AT&T Takes Another Stab at Improving Reception in the City



    Hyatt Regency
    The Hyatt Recency in the Embarcadero. AT&T's signal may get a little better in the neighborhood.

    Can you hear me now San Francisco? Well Verizon reportedly can but for iPhone customers stuck with AT&T things might get a little easier in the City.

    After investing $2 billion to improve its cellular network of the future, AT&T is investing more money to make life easier for its most vocal critics: iPhone users.

    The sole provider for Apple's smartphone announced it is expanding Wi-Fi access for its subscribers in San Francisco. AT&T cellular customers will be able to connect their smartphones to Wi-Fi networks instead of having to use clogged data lines.

    The hope is that by spreading the data across Wi-Fi and cellular networks, that AT&T's service -- both voice and data -- will improve in a city where the company has notoriously struggled to enliven dead spots.

    AT&T's first public hot spot will be in the Embarcadero area of the City with more to follow shortly after. AT&T subscribers phones should automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network when in the area.