AT&T's iPhone Tethering Plan Is Lame, but at Least It's Here

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    So you want to use your iPhone's data connection to surf the web on your laptop? Starting next week, at long last, you'll be able to!

    Here are the details: the ability to tether will set you back an extra $20 a month. For your Jackson, you'll get 2GB of data to play with — not all that much. It would be very easy to go over that amount and pay what are sure to be exorbitant overage fees.

    Luckily, AT&T will be nice enough to text you when you're approaching your limit. Sadly, there's no unlimited data plan for people who want to use tethering more actively, at least not yet.

    The $20 plan starts on June 7th, if you're interested.

    PR Newswire, via Gizmodo