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Apple: Higher Prices, Better Hardware on the Way for Macs?



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    Jobs shows Intel CEO Paul Otellin the latest MacBook Pro in 2006.

    With the iPad on the way, the one thing we haven't heard any news about — and are expecting to any day now — is an update for Apple's Mac family. Rarely a year goes by these days without some kind of refresh, though the company has been mum now for longer than that.

    Well, take this for the rumor it is, but the Australian Apple ads on that country's PC Authority list Apple's MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and Air for higher prices that they currently are in Australia — several hundred dollars higher, in fact. The MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Pro are listed at A$1,899, A$2,399, and A$4,499, which is higher from the current A$1,599, A$1,999 and A$3,599. Keep in mind these are Australian dollars, and if you click on any of the ads it takes you through to the usually-priced laptops and computers.

    With some serious price bumps like that, I hope we'll be getting some new hardware goodies to match. It wouldn't be the first time a store ad predicted big news, either.

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