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Apple's Back to the Mac Event Marks a Return to Its Core



    Apple's next event is coming.

    Apple has announced a "Back To The Mac" event on Oct. 20, and like most Apple invites, this one gives just enough info to get everyone, (ourselves included), trying to read the tea leaves about what might be revealed.

    At least the lion you can see in the background of the invite image gives strong hints about the name of the upcoming 10.7 version of OS X.

    With all the recent hoopla over the iPad and iPhone in recent months, we tend to forget that at its core, Apple is a computer company, so this even marks a sort of return to their roots.

    So in addition to the OS X update, what else could be coming? We've been speculating for a while that a new MacBook Air is needed, but has the iPad killed off most of its customers? The MacPro and iMac lines was refreshed just a couple of months ago, and the MacBooks just a couple of months before that, so could there be something completely new?

    We'll just have to wait and see next Wednesday. Stay tuned, and we'll bring you all of the news from the event.

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