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Art and Tech Collide in the Mission

The Lab in SF hosts



    (Published Friday, Sept. 4, 2009)

    Bringing experimental art to San Francisco for a quarter of a century, The Lab in the city’s Mission District is spending the weekend showcasing multimedia creations infused with technology.

    The exhibition is a three-day festival (Friday – Sunday) of artistic experiments and related workshops, demos and lectures. “The Bay Area is kind of a hotbed of this activity and these kind of works, but there’s not often a specific, dedicated platform to engage with this work, especially in a gallery setting,” says The Lab’s director Eilish Cullen.

    Jonathan Grover describes his offering ‘Chimes’ as an “interactive sound sculpture and the way it works, is your body actually triggers a storm to occur,” he says. A model by artist Luther Thie proposes a memorial at a freeway interchange in Los Angeles with real-time traffic accident data from the CHP.

    “I think a lot of these artists are working to approach their content from different angles so it’s not just about technology, it engages technology for other means,” says Cullen.

    The Lab is located at 2948 16th Street in SF, one block east of Mission St.