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Concept Car Could Put an End to Road Rage Once and for All



    This is the Muon by designer Taeho Yoon. Like pretty much every other concept car, it promises to do something crazy — namely, sense how you're feeling. While the concept is far-fetched, it still makes you wonder: could a car help our moods?

    You probably play music you like or listen to the radio while driving. Maybe you even have a station that tends to calm you. (Heavy metal always did it for me when I was younger. Go figure.) Yoon wants to take that idea a hundred steps further, with the Muon personalizing almost every aspect of your driving experience to keep you happy and calm.

    Here's how Yoon sets the scene in his design document:

    It's 7:30 a.m. Angela gets in Muon and grabs the steering wheel, which senses her pulse and checks her pupils to play a Bossa Nova music on the Internet sympathizing with her a bit depressive feeling. She has had the car optimally customized for her physical and psychological condition in the first place. Now the AI of the car has learned she loves Bossa Nova music when she feels under the weather like today. The 100% personalized thermo sensor and heating wire in her seat warm her body in the freezing cold weather in a winter morning of New York.

    There's more of that, but you get the idea. Will the Muon ever see the light of day? We're guessing no. Could cars one day incorporate something like this? Why, that doesn't seem far-fetched at all.

    Via Auto Motto