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Could Hulu Ditch Flash for the iPad?



    Reports say Hulu might ditch flash to get on the iPad.

    One of the first complaints when the Apple iPad was announced was the lack of Flash support. Unfortunately for the iPad, Hulu, the second-biggest video website on the web, uses a Flash player to deliver its content. The iPad could be the perfect viewing platform for Hulu, except for the lack of Flash support.

    Rumors floating from industry folks state that Hulu is developing a work-around for this problem. Currently, the website is based on a custom Flash player.

    But, its main content is in a format, H.264, that is already supported by the iPad. It's only the ads inserted between tv show segments that are Flash. Inserting and changing those ads in Flash has been relatively easy, and it will be harder to update them in a new format, but who knows? Maybe they'll decide the ads are too costly to convert and Hulu will go commercial-free.

    Yeah, in your dreams.