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Diamond Encrusted TVs Are Perfect for Tasteless Billionaires



    I've never understood why anyone would buy ultra expensive blinged-up tech gear. Even if the tacky style floats your own personal boat, what happens to all those diamonds and that gold when the undelying tech becomes obsolete after a couple of years? Anyone want to buy a 2 1/2 year old $9000 gold plated MacBook ?

    That's why I can't figure out who in their right mind would spend $1.5 to $2.25 million a diamond encrusted Stuart Hughes TV. I mean the freaking thing is already obsolete, following last week's introduction of 3D HDTV sets by Samsung and Panasonic.

    Still, if you've got to have your bling, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition features a 55" LED backlit screen, surrounded by a 62 pound solid 18k rose gold frame, encrusted with 72 1 karat diamonds and alligator skin trim, all for a mere $2.25 million. If that seems just a bit too ostentatious, you can slum it with the PrestigeHD Supreme, which cuts the gold weight down to 42 pounds, and replaces 24 of the diamonds with aventurine and topaz, saving you about $750,000.

    Why don't I ever see these things in thrift stores?

    Stuart Hughes, via Born Rich