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Facebook Invades Golden Globes

Company follows Twitter onto celebrity-driven bandwagon

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    When Dick Clark Productions invited Facebook to the Golden Globes party, the company was all to happy to send representatives to Los Angeles.

    Everyone in Silicon Valley seems to want a piece of Hollywood these days. And Facebook's foray into the Golden Globes was no exception.

    Twitter is already well-known in Hollywood celebrity circles, with Ashton Kutcher posting a picture of his ill-fitting tuxedo before heading to the awards the night of the show.

    Facebook also offers celebrities the opportunity to create "pages" for which the site's more plebeian users can become "fans." So when Dick Clark Productions invited Facebook to the party, the company was all to happy to send representatives to Los Angeles.

    The Facebook reps included public relations head Brandee Barker and marketing initiative manager Randi Zuckerberg. Certainly the infamous nepotists in Hollywood can appreciate Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sending his much more socially competent sister to cover the event.

    It's not the first time Facebook has covered an awards show, with Barker and Zuckerberg covering the American Music Awards late last year.

    The video was streamed live to Facebook via Ustream.tv, and featured tie-ins with NBC's official coverage on television, as well as questions posed to real, live celebrities from Facebook users.

    While AllThingsD pointed out that Facebook's reported 350 million users dwarfed the expected audience of the E! network's estimated 600,000 viewers for red-carpet coverage, only 136,783 total views have been logged for the live, online stream.

    So, Internet famous still isn't quite famous famous, though not for lack of effort or surfeit of dignity.

    Jackson West isn't sure what sounds like more torture, a self-congratulatory Hollywood event or yet another technology conference.